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Developer Relations

Job description

You are passionate about web technologies and enjoy writing and talking about it? You want to move away from everyday coding and client jobs? You have a passion for writing, learning and teaching? Help us get the word out about fortrabbit.

Job requirements


  • excellent writing skills
  • preferable English native
  • solid full-stack knowledge: from front-end to PHP, from git to servers (a bit of everything)
  • eager to learn and teach
  • able to explain complex topics simply
  • active in at least one web-dev community (preferable Craft CMS or Laravel)


  • help us to improve documentation (of our service and open-source packages)
  • write (technical) blog articles about topics that are relevant to our clients (web developers / web agencies)
  • customer support: support clients and get a solid understanding of the services we provide
  • report the weaknesses of our service and suggest improvements
  • help us to refine our "marketing strategy"
  • help us to discover new market opportunities
  • get in touch with people on meetups and conferences
  • contribute to open source

No tasks

unless you can convince us it is a good idea

  • cold calls
  • manage Google / Twitter ads

Interests (not all required)

  • Jamstack
  • SOLID design principles
  • web performance
  • deployment / CI / CD / git / docker
  • PHP 7/8 language
  • frontend / ES6 / Vuejs


  • you love WordPress
  • you hate PHP

Other considerations

  • part-time or full-time (20-40 hours per week)
  • remote is totally OK! onsite would be awesome
  • freelancing on a project basis might also be okay